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Occasionally, he stole books.

If “almost nothing ever happens” in a Charles Wright poem, as the poet David Baker once put it (admiringly), such moments of vision can contain the whole universe. “When you’re really going, everything you see feeds into your grinder,” Mr. Wright said. “You’re alive to everything around you.”

Charles Wright Named America’s Poet Laureate –


It’s like traveling. The more you think about your next trip, the more excited you get. You have a list of places you’re supposed to visit and within the first hour at your new destination, you find something else and you miss everything else on your list. But you’re there because you had a plan. The failed plan is the reason why you started the journey in the first place.

Andrés Neuman [via]

pork fat

“A table without pork fat is like literature without poetry.”

The book also features a chapter with celebrities’ reflections on the food, such as the quip by actress Liu Xiaoqing that “a little pork fat can make you more beautiful.”

Likewise, poet Hong Ying shared her memory of a dish of pork fat and wild mushrooms that has lingered in her mind for 30 years.*



*In search of the recipe (and book).

the sun doesn’t necessarily set, sometimes it just / disappears.

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Thousands of old library books bear fascinating traces of the past. Readers wrote in their books, and left notes, pictures, letters, flowers, locks of hair, and other things between their pages. We need your help identifying them because many are in danger of being discarded as libraries go digital. Books printed between 1820 and 1923 are at particular risk. Help us prove the value of maintaining rich print collections in our libraries.



The Year of James Baldwin

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now through June 2015

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wQr host/curator JEFF KIRBY meets with that sexy beast, writer/editor SHAWN SYMS, to discuss his new anthology Friend. Follow. Text. #StoriesfromLivingOnline and his upcoming collection of short fiction, Nothing Looks Familiar, from Arsenal Pulp Press.

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